Fiammetta V Home Collection

white mortar and pestle

165 CHF


Small white marble mortar and pestle.The product can not be washed in dishwasher but needs to be cleaned with water or Marseille soap. It is certified for food use. It is a natural stone that tends to stain but this is part of the natural wear of the product. If you use the mortar for cooking, wash it immediately after to better preserve the object.Each piece is in a way unique (since each marble block is different in veins and shades) and handcrafted in Italy. Slight variations in shape, color and size are to be considered a guarantee of an handcrafted creation.This object gives a sophisticate touch to your house or restaurant making special every night and event.The mortar, as an object for percussion crushes, is born in the distant age for the need to smash and pulverize materials, even in the Bible it is mentioned. In past civilizations mortar was always made of stone to then appear in various materials based on the products to becrushed.This mortar recall the old object with a contemporary use: a decorative object, salt container in the kitchen or to be actually used to make the famous Pesto alla Genovese, a typical Italian sausage.Bring to your table a unique object, redefined in the minimal details, that will give a distinct touch to your table and kitchen; you can surprise your guests by telling its story.

details & dimensions

  • Material: marble
  • Dimensions (cm): W 9 x D 9 x H 12.5
  • Handmade In italy