Patrizia Italiano

salvo seller of octopus

650 CHF


Handrafted ceramic vase covered in matte white and had as accentuated coastal decor. Refined compositon which can be used as a decorative object and/or ornamental humanlike haed. This art objet is inspired by Salvo, who are the male street vendors who sell octopus (in Sicillian lingo “u pulparu”), which can be seen represented as a 3D octopus on the side of male vendor’s face. Also, it has touches of crystaline, coating in shades of sky – blue and turquiose colours with a touch or red which emphasize on the mustashe and the detailed octopus.

details & dimensions

  • Material: ceramic cooked great fire
  • Dimensions (cm): W 25 x D 25 x H 34
  • Handmade In italy