Juliana Bernal


10.500 CHF


Juliana Bernal began her Industrial Design studies at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota (Colombia) and finished at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid (Spain). From an early age she felt the need to express herself creatively, Juliana found different materials like metal acrylic and paperboard with these materials she starts 3D experiments. Juliana was introduced to the adventure of paper art as a consequence of her early process in her childhood workshop but also as a result of her own experience with her son. She practiced different techniques and materials with him who helped him with his concentration because of his high IQ made him extremely anxious. What began as family therapy became Juliana’s vehicle for artistic expression. She immersed herself in the geometric possibilities of paper and found her own language there.

details & dimensions

  • Material: paper (acid free, neutral ph) | cotton fabric | gold leaf
  • Dimensions (cm): W 80 x D 8 x H 80
  • Handmade In colombia