Paola Staccioli

1 Sculpture “Mother and daughter readers”

2.300 CHF


Paola Staccioli’s creation are flooded with spirals of vegetation and natural elements, which become a symbol of infinite expressive possibilities, becoming a shimmering and moving material. It is nature, with its inexhaustible variations of floral carpets related to oriental motifs, that guides Paola in each creation to a new approach to beauty: the lively chromatic range of the background, enhanced by the glitter of the glaze, is filled with floral motifs that form a precious mosaic, whose motifs are arranged freely and in groups, in each creation, with a surprising and joyful creative spontaneity.

details & dimensions

  • Material: ceramic
  • Dimensions (cm): W 25 x D 20 x H 23.5
  • Handmade In italy