Bordallo Pinheiro

geranium – charger plate 33 green

40 CHF


Geraniums, also known as pelargoniums, are popular flowering plants that are native to South Africa. They have been widely cultivated and are widely used in gardens and as potted plants due to their colorful flowers and attractive foliage. Geraniums are known for their ability to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions and are generally easy to care for. In Portugal, they are a common sight in gardens and balconies and are prized for their decorative qualities. Bordallo Pinheiro has used the distinctive foliage of geraniums as inspiration for a collection of products, incorporating the plant’s unique shape and pattern into the design.

details & dimensions

  • Material: ceramic
  • Dimensions (cm): W 33 x D 33 x H 13
  • Handmade In portugal