Artur Karapetian

des tenebres a la lumiere

3.100 CHF


Interior Landscapes Series”The Inner Landscapes are inner paths to be taken as a walk of the mind, intimate walks along our emotions, our states of mind and our perception of ourselves. They are an expression of human trajectories, of their uncertainties and joys.” These inner landscapes are a walk with oneself on a canvas. It is an empty space in which the melody of my heart, the melody of my soul is reflected. Sometimes this melody is very dynamic. This dynamism can be represented by a strong contrast between very intense colors. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is calm, sometimes it is depths in which the walker can get lost.”

details & dimensions

  • Material: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions (cm): W 100 x D 5 x H 100
  • Handmade In switzerland