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Studio Oefner

Studio Oefner

Danbury, Connecticut, USA — artist

In Fabian Oefner’s work, we are immersed in a deep exploration of the intricate connections between time, space, and reality. Through his work, Oefner fabricates moments and spaces that blend the lines between the real and the imagined, creating a delicate balance between authenticity and invention. Oefner's artistic process is highly methodical, requiring extensive research and experimentation and collaboration with experts in various fields. In an ongoing exploration since 2013, collaborating with individual scientists like theoretical physicist Brian Greene and institutes like CERN and the Edgerton Center at MIT, the artist created has created photographic series like “Black Hole”, “Big Bang” and “Infinite Moment in Time”, that help us to better understand the concept of time. In 2019, Oefner embarked on a visionary project with Google Arts & Culture, visualizing the retreat of Alpine glaciers in Switzerland through a breathtaking synthesis of LED drone painting and long-exposure photography. In the same year, the artist also initiated his exploration of reality, transforming commonplace objects like sneakers, cameras, and computers into phantasmagorical shapes that challenge our fundamental understanding of these artifacts, altering our perception of reality. In a recent evolution of his renowned Disintegrating series in 2022, Oefner joined forces with Lamborghini to produce a photograph of a car seemingly exploding in the metaverse. This iconic series, which he initiated in 2010, captures high-performance cars as they disintegrate, bringing a hyperrealistic moment into existence that never was. Through his continuous work of seamlessly merging scientific concepts with artistic expression, Oefner continues to weave a tapestry of visual experiences, that not only capture the imagination but also inspire us to attain a deeper understanding of the world around us. Fabian Oefner was born in Aarau, Switzerland in 1984. He currently works and lives in Connecticut, USA.

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