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France — high end linen

With its cutting-edge expertise and its exceptional collections of high-end linen, Renaissance, established by designer and tableware expert Céline Perrin-Davy, has built up an extremely prestigious clientèle with a keen eye for detail, both in France and internationally. Surrounded by extraordinary designers such as Marie-Noëlle Bayard and Brigitte Murat, passionate and fascinating women with impressive skills in hand embroidery, Céline and her Renaissance brand craft unique and exquisite creations using luxurious materials including cotton voile, linen, Egyptian cotton percale, silk, and organdy... From tablecloths to napkins and bed linen, each piece of linen is custom-made by talented embroiderers, able to adapt to any request for a truly bespoke creation. “Each collection, each order is a challenge that allows us to move forward, to study new techniques,” explains Céline.

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