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Paolo Staccioli

Paolo Staccioli

florence, italy — ceramist

Paolo Staccioli was brought into the world in Scandicci in 1943. He became engaged with the workmanship world toward the start of the 1970's, the point at which he started to show his canvases in the Florence region. Yet, his imaginative livelihood appeared to explain itself twenty years some other time when the craftsman started an authentic developmental cycle in Faenza, gaining, throughout the long term and earnestly, the specialized skill that carried him to a language more qualified to his inventiveness: model and ceramics. His mastery in changing dirt into structure, as well as his capacity to invest it with radiant vibrations and impressions of ""shine product"" colors, hindered exclusively by realistic drawing marks, immediately carried Paolo Staccioli to his most noteworthy inventive season, continuous, from the 1990 ultimately depends on today. In ceramics, Paolo Staccioli tracked down the fruitful ground to communicate in complete opportunity that innovative vein that recognizes him today as one of the craftsman who has made one of the most unique and fascinating conventional collections with regards to contemporary fired workmanship.

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