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Natalia Romanciuc

Natalia Romanciuc

moldova — painter

Natalia Romanciuc was born in the called Belyavinsty which is located in Moldovia. Natalia started drawing from the 11th grade and, thanks to her art teacher, she fell in love with drawing. She has studied in the Academy of Arts in Chisinau. Natalia has formed her creative side which came from her love to art and she has found a sense of taste and inner freedom for her own signature in paintings. She has participated in exhibitions like JAN ALOJZY MATEJKO, Tineret Creator, Gallery 73, in Artcor, Cartego Book, and also did solo exhibitions in ARBOR in Bucharest and in Chisinau in 513. Natalia is a modern artist and her work have touches of modernism, cubism, expressionism, abstractionism, symbolism and post-impressionism.

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