Modern Life With a Deep Meaning!

Matthew Dibble

Matthew Dibble

cleveland, ohio, USA — artist

Matthew Dibble has spent many years in the construction industry, and his approach to art reflects this experience. He creates gestural abstract and figurative paintings with careful attention and professional confidence, combining creative choreography with a tradesman's approach. Dibble graduated from Cleveland's Cooper School of the Arts in 1978 and has been following his own path ever since. His body of work includes original, nuanced reactions to modern and postmodern sensibilities, without any unnecessary aesthetic or philosophical pretensions. A fascination with gesture and action continues to be the foundation of his large-scale Abstract Expressionist paintings, while his figurative work features distorted, otherworldly creatures across layered surfaces that are captivating. His work has long been characterized by this duality, in which expression moves towards meaning in both the abstract and figurative elements, as if the right and left hemispheres of his brain are in an intricate dance.

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