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Ukraine — Crafted natural stone furniture and decor is young and dynamically growing brand from Ukraine that produces stunning furniture and decor from high-quality natural stone. As a brand was presented for the first time at Milan Design Week in 2022. is the result of a collaboration between the design studio AIIX STUDIO headed by Aleksandr Bosenko and the third generation stonemason Vadim Livshyts, who is the owner of the family stone processing manufactory INSTECH - an example of a successful family business with a history of more than 30 years and associates with reliability, consistently high quality of production, individual approach and a wide choice of materials. During the company's existence, more than 5,000 projects have been completed. The two companies are united by their own history of friendship and cooperation for more than 7 years. These preconditions and a shared vision of the result gave impetus to the birth of a new brand that creates unprecedented decor and furniture made of natural stone. "The component of our success is the constant improvement of each stage of work, from selection of raw materials in quarries in more than 10 countries to the maintenance with the use of professional care products," shares Vadim Livshyts.

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