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Italy — natural stone coverings, floors, accessories and furnishing objects

Founded in 2008 by Patrizia Furnari and Fabio Fazio, Lithea has its roots in the land of Sicily. It was born in collaboration with the historic family company with the aim of transferring its passion and ancient knowledge linked to the processing of stone materials into an innovative project concept which, thanks to the use of sophisticated production processes and advanced technologies, has started a process of research and experimentation in continuous development. Lithea produces coverings, floors, accessories and furnishing objects for indoor and outdoor decoration. The material of choice is natural stone. From Lava Stone to Pece Stone, from Nero Portoro marble to Bianco Carrara, from Pietra di Comiso to Grigio Tunisi: a sample of precious materials with a thousand-year history modulated into textures of rare beauty cover every surface, the first moment of decorative unity of each environment. Lithea promotes the culture of design. On the one hand, it encourages encounters with industrial design, opening up to industrial perspectives and techniques and to numerically controlled processing of blocks of material. On the other hand, it is aware of the patient work carried out by its craftsmen who, guardians of ancient manufacturing techniques, contribute to making each product a unique piece. The desire to introduce experimentation into industrial products, combined with the search for creativity, gives life to design objects of the highest aesthetic quality. Lithea reinvents the face of lithic material with infinite and accidental varieties, making it fully part of contemporary materials. From its headquarters in Sicily, the company opens up to the distribution of its products all over the world, promoting a modern vision of the use of stone and marble with a typically Italian taste.

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