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Festina Lente Home

Festina Lente Home

milano, italy — candlemaker

At Festina Lente there was dependably an interest of scents, by the mystery of a feeling that is both creature and idyllic. They generally focused on them, however it was only after 2017, that they began dealing with making them. Being in New York at that point the founder of the company Marta has set to find arrangements that helped them to remember their life in Italy: a stroll in the pine timberland, an outing to the historical center, clothing hanging out on a blossomed gallery. Through research, it was found how harming to wellbeing and unreasonable the scent business can be. Along these lines, the originator of the commany has begun to work from the start with non-harmful fixings, which were likewise created in an economical way, veggie lover and not tried on creatures. Presently the organization is situated in Milan, Italy.

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