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Patrizia Italiano

Patrizia Italiano

sicily, italy — ceramic art

Patrizia Italiano lives in Sicily, Italy. she gets her inspiration and research from filicudi. (filicudi is one of the islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago). ceramics is Patrizia's passion, as new manual work and creativity. Her work was exhibited in countries like Milan, Tokyo, New York, United Arab Emirates and so on. Patrizia’s work is the result of her ingenuity and creativity. She takes her inspiration from the islands landscapes, nature, sea, colours, smells and sea. Her sculptures represent the heads of vendors, sirens and Mediterranean dishes. Patrizia Italiano lives in Sicily, between the sea of ​​the Aeolian islands and the city of Palermo. Ceramics have always been her passion. manual work and creativity have accompanied her in every moment of her life. Each of Patrizia Italiano's works is the result of her ingenuity and creativity.

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