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We are happy to announce!

We became the only official representative of ULIVI SALOTTI in Switzerland!



recanati, italy

furniture maker

The history of Arcahorn is linked to the vocation for craftsmanship of its founder, mario guerra, who in 1958 set up in ...
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Artem Medvedev

minsk, belarus


Born in 1986 in Parichi, Belarus, Artem Medvedev is a talented sculptor performing in contemporary style. Successfully ...
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Arthur Hovhannisyan

yerevan, armenia


Arthur Hovhannisyan’s art is so varied and comprehensive, that it’s impossible to observe it only from one side. It is ...
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Tatiana Georgieva

adelaide, australia


Tatiana was born in Belarus. she is a full-time artist. since 2007, Tatiana is living and working in Australia. she ...
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Artur Karapetian

geneva, switzerland


Born in 1973 in Yerevan (Armenia), Artur Karapetian studied painting in Saint Petersburg. He moved to Geneva in 2001 ...
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Natalia Romanchuk



Natalia Romanchuk was born in the called Belyavinsty which is located in Moldovia. Natalia started drawing from the ...
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Juliana Bernal

colombia, bogota

decorative arts

Juliana Bernal began her industrial design studies at the universidad "de los andes" in Bogota (colombia) and finished ...
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Patrizia Italiano

sicily, italy

ceramic art

Patrizia Italiano lives in Sicily, Italy. she gets her inspiration and research from filicudi. (filicudi is one of the ...
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Stella Fatucchi

arezzo, italy

porcelain art

Born in Bibbiena in 1981, Stella Fatucchi grew up in the Arezzo countryside, immersed in the traditions and simplicity ...
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Fiammetta V Home Collection

carrara, italy

marble art & design

Fiammetta Vanelli was born in Carrara, with art and marble in her blood. after studying literature and philosophy in ...
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Fy-Shan Glass Studio

istanbul, turkey

glass design

Feleksan Onar, born and raised in Turkey, completed her undergraduate degree in economics and music history at Cornell ...
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Pastore & Bovina Design Studio

bologna, italy

art & design

Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore founded studio Elica in 1990: since then they have been working together in the ...
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porto, portugal

furniture maker

A meticulous fusion of traditional craftsmanship and forward-thinking sophistication. Frato’s unique interior lifestyle ...
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Artigiani Italiani

tuscany, italy


Simone Bongiorno is the founder of Artiginani Italiani, a young Italian company based in Calenzano, near Florence. ...
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Carlo Moretti

veneto, italy


Carlo Moretti is a “factory of originals” founded in 1958 by Carlo and Giovanni Moretti, combining innovation and ...
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Paola Staccioli

florence, italy


Paola Staccioli was born in Florence in 1972 and graduated in Humanities in 1999 with a thesis on Dickens. She ...
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Paolo Staccioli

florence, italy


Paolo Staccioli was brought into the world in Scandicci in 1943. He became engaged with the workmanship world toward ...
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Festina Lente Home

milano, italy


At Festina Lente there was dependably an interest of scents, by the mystery of a feeling that is both creature and ...
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veneto, italy


Founded in 1859, Salviati is still one of the most famous glassmakers in Venice. With over 150 years of experience in ...
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france, limoges

porcelain maker

Haviland porcelain has always combined modern demands with creative craftsmanship. The finishing and decorating ...
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Laboratorio Paravicini

lombardy, italy


The Laboratorio Paravicini was founded in the early 90’s from an idea of Costanza Paravicini and it was as simple as ...
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beverly hills, USA

interior designer

L’OBJET is the life work of Founder and Creative Director Elad Yifrach. Born and raised in Israel, Elad established ...
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Ulivi Salotti

cascina, italy

furniture maker

Ulivi , which is today a leading Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs , was created in 1972 in the heart of ...
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Ilya Volykhine

auckland, new zealand


Born in Russia - emigrated to New York City in 1990 & exhibited there before moving to Australia in 2000. ...
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Belinda Nadwie

sydney, australia


Belinda Nadwie is from Australia, Sydney. Belinda has started painting at the age of 5 and she studied in Curtain ...
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Katerina Belkina

berlin, germany


Early on Katerina Belkina knew about her exceptional talent to see the world through different eyes. Born in Samara in ...
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Guy Ghazanchyan

yerevan, armenia

painter, sculptor

Guy Ghazanchian was born in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. From 2007 until 2013 he attended the Yerevan State Fine ...
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recanati, italy

furniture maker

Morici was founded in 1979 in Recanati, birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, and cradle of the Marche ...
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Luisa Longo

lazio, italy

textiles designer

Luisa Longo's work revolves around the concept of ​​cross-over and admixture of design, craftsmanship and art, in ...
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Bordallo Pinheiro

caldas da rainha, portugal


Bordallo Pinheiro is a modern, entrepreneurial brand that is dedicated to revitalizing Portuguese ceramics and ...
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Kris Gebhardt

indianapolis, indiana, USA

painter, photographer, sculptor

Kris Gebhardt is an American artist known for his "gritty" paintings that have been featured in solo exhibitions across ...
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Matthew Dibble

cleveland, ohio, USA


Matthew Dibble has spent many years in the construction industry, and his approach to art reflects this experience. He ...
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veneto, italy


In its one hundred year history, VENINI has maintained its commitment to the highest levels of quality and ...
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Vito Nesta

milan, italy

interior designer

Vito Nesta is a designer who graduted in Interior Design in Florence; although originally from Puglia, he lives and ...
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Lladró is the success story of an iconic Spanish brand. A world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of ...

Ester & Erik

Silkeborg, Danmark


Ester and Erik Møller founded their candle company, Ester & ...
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Daum, since 1878, the legendary glassmaker master, has kept alive for more than a century a love relationship ...
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high-end leather goods

GioBagnara is a manufacture of high-end leather goods based in Genoa, Italy, that since 1999 supplies some of the best ...
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interior decoration accessories

Designed and manufactured in Milan, and part of the Giobagnara group since 2022, Riviere is a tale of luxury that ...


CRAFTED NATURAL STONE FURNITURE AND DECOR is young and dynamically growing brand from Ukraine that produces stunning furniture and decor from ...



high end linen

With its cutting-edge expertise and its exceptional collections of high-end linen, Renaissance, established by designer ...

Studio Oefner

Danbury, Connecticut, USA


In Fabian Oefner’s work, we are immersed in a deep exploration of the intricate connections between time, space, and ...
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