Modern Life With a Deep Meaning!

About vesper

Founded in 2018 in Switzerland by a true admirer of art and exclusive interior objects, Vesper Trade SA offers a new way of discovery of the art of life for customers from all around the world. The idea behind this promising project came from its founder, who has always been passionate about searching for one-of-a-kind pieces not always known to the public.

Soon it became clear that these findings must be spread among those who share the same love for art and design. Thus Vesper Trade SA was brought to life.

We are working with artists, sculptors, interior designers, architects and furniture companies from all around the globe who would enrich your interior décor just with a touch of a finger. You would not need to travel to other countries to get the product, we are bringing this product to you.

From tiny handmade candle cups with a sophisticated and unique design to masterpieces of renowned painters, passing through elite interior pieces, such as sofas and bed tables, Vesper Trade SA can offer a chef-d’œuvre to those who eager to distinguish themselves from the others.

« Modern life with deep meaning »

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