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Welcome to the World
of Vesper Trade
Discover Now

Welcome to the World
of Vesper Trade
Discover Now

Our Artisans

Ulivi Salotti

Italy — Furniture Maker

Ulivi , which is today a leading Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs , was created in 1972 in the heart of ...


France - Glass maker

Daum, since 1878, the legendary glassmaker master, has kept alive for more than a century a love relationship with the greatest ...


France, Limoges — Porcelain Maker

Haviland porcelain has always combined modern demands with creative craftsmanship ...


Interior design ideas and inspiring product selections by our editors

Summer House

Welcome to our Summer House collection, where every item is selected to bring the warmth and vibrancy of summer into your home. From breezy textiles to sun-kissed decor, this section is dedicated to transforming your space into a seasonal sanctuary. Explore our range to find the perfect summer accents for your home.


Welcome to our Chalet Essentials collection, where we curate items meticulously chosen to infuse your mountain retreat with the cozy and inviting atmosphere of alpine living. Here, you'll discover everything from rustic furnishings to plush textiles, all designed to warm the heart and home against the backdrop of the great outdoors. This section is your gateway to creating a serene and comfortable chalet ambiance. Browse our selection to find the ideal pieces that speak to the essence of chalet living.​

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About Vesper

Founded in 2018 in Switzerland by a true admirer of art and exclusive interior objects, Vesper Trade SA offers a new way of discovery of the art of life for customers from all around the world. The idea behind this promising project came from its founder, who has always been passionate about searching for one-of-a-kind pieces not always known to the public.

Soon it became clear that these findings must be spread among those who share the same love for art and design. Thus Vesper Trade SA was brought to life.

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Modern life with a deep meaning

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